• Metal constructions
  • Structures in highway engeneering
  • The field of energy, railway, subway
  • Bridge piers and slabs

Anticorrosion coatings for metals

SPC Corrosion Protection exclusively produces high quality compounds:

  • «GALVANOL®» - used as an anti-corrosive protection of the metals and metal constructions with the cold galvanizing method (forms a resistant coating, containing 96 per cent of zinc). TS 2312-001-61702992-2009, certification of the trademark registration №441381 as of 20.07.2011.
  • «ALINOL®» - protective and decorative aluminum-rich metal-polymeric composition. TS 2312-002-61702992-2009, certification of the trademark registration №426455 as of 23.12.2010.

Advantages of SPC Corrosion Protection:

  • We are the developer and sole manufacturer of «GALVANOL®»;
  • «GALVANOL®» - this is not a primer or paint, namely the composition for cold galvanizing of metal;
  • Our composition «GALVANOL®» is easily applied;
  • «GALVANOL®» for a long time protects the metal from corrosion, which is confirmed by numerous tests;
  • We provide full documentary support for «GALVANOL®» supplies;
  • We provide technical support at all stages of work;
  • We have a flexible system of discounts.

Attention! Fake!

Please be aware that several Internet sites with fake products named galvanol appeared in the Internet lately (.eu, .org, .com, etc.), which sells counterfeit products. Customers are mistaken by the website name and similar design, as well as proposals of the mixture «GALVANOL®» for cold galvanizing.
How can you recognize counterfeit of the «GALVANOL®» mixture?


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