Attention! Fake!

Please be aware that several Internet sites with fake products named galvanol appeared in the Internet lately (.eu, .org, .com, etc.), which sells counterfeit products. Customers are mistaken by the website name and similar design, as well as proposals of the mixture «GALVANOL®» for cold galvanizing.


First, «GALVANOL®» and «ГАЛЬВАНОЛ®» — are certified trademarks, owned by ООО «НПЦАЗ».

Second, our company has developed the Technical specifications, obtained catalog data-sheet, which is included into the register of FBC «Rostest-Moscow» (ФБУ «Ростест-Москва»). The Expert opinion was issued on the Technical specifications.

Third, the products obtained the certificate of conformity. This and other documents can be found on our website in the appropriate sections.

Look for external signs: on the packaging of the original productions (photo below) there is always mentioned the manufacturer, its contacts, TS number, usage means, precautions. Batch number and date of manufacture is always printed on the cover. «GALVANOL®» packaging net weight 40 kg is always produced in black buckets with lithography (counterfeit products are sold in blue container net weight 38 kg with paper labels or even without them!). «GALVANOL®» in the packaging net weight 10 kg always comes in white buckets with white cover. «GALVANOL®» in aerosol cans and jars 2 kg is produced with metallized label like lithography. It is also worth paying attention to what is written on the invoices and shipping documents. Any inscription in them, except “composition for cold galvanizing «GALVANOL®»” must immediately set.

As a rule counterfeit production is cheaper, but is it worth risking?

Original «GALVANOL®»Counterfeit

The content of zinc in dry film 96%, as a consequence – anti-corrosive protection similar to other type of galvanizing, which is confirmed by testings in the independent laboratories. The content of zinc in the dry film 85-87% (at best), as a consequence, lack of protection. The appearance of corrosion already after a few months of exploitation.
Film adhesion not exceeding 1 points according to GOST 15140-78. Film adhesion of not less than 2 points according to GOST 15140-78.
Consumption: 250 g/m2, consequently 1 kg mixture can cover 4 m2 surface. Total solids: 80 per cent. Consumption: 300 g/m2, consequently 1 kg mixture can cover a little more than 3 m2. Over-consumption due to increased content of solvent. Total solids: 65-70 per cent.
Viscosity: not less than 40 c with ВЗ-4, as a result the working viscosity can be varied under different application methods. Viscosity: 25 c with ВЗ-4 as a result, the working viscosity under different application methods difficult to achieve due to the fact that mixture is already diluted.
Net weight: 40 kg, as a consequence, using one bucket, you can cover 160 m2 surface. Net weight: 38 kg, as a consequence, using one bucket, you can cover 120 m2 surface.
Coating price: from 75 RUR/m2. For that money you get a high quality reliable long-term coating protecting from corrosion. Coating price: : from 60 RUR/m2. Low quality mixture does not possess proper protection, adhesion, reliability.

Mixture for cold galvanizing «GALVANOL®» has been developed by a team of Scientific-Production Center in 2009 and since that time is produced and sold only by our company.

In addition to the quality material our center is ready to provide all necessary technical information, documentation, certificates, to provide consultation in order to resolve the complex problems of corrosion protection, which are met by our customers, to offer best conditions and solutions to the specific problems.

Currently, a number of decisions of the law enforcement and supervisory authorities were made against the violators of the legislation, investigation is in process.

You are very welcome to acquaint with detailed description of mixture for cold galvanizing «GALVANOL®», as well find out the technology of its application.

You may purchase our original products at our company official representatives.