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Corrosion is thermodynamically inevitable, however, it is the thermodynamics suggest the most effective way to combat corrosion: cathodic protection – due to this method of protection reaction of iron corrosion becomes thermodynamically impossible , and, therefore, corrosion stops completely! Other methods are less effective: inhibitors only slow down the process, barrier coatings are prone to local and under-film corrosion.

As a source of cathodic protection can act an external current as well as current of galvanic element, which occurs when iron contacts with a certain active metals, in particular zinc. Galvanizing can be performed via different methods: hot, plated, thermodifusional, etc. However, a number of restrictions for each of the methods does not allow you to protect all objects without exception. In such situation the cold galvanizing method comes to support. What is it?


Cold galvanizing is a method when a prepared surface is covered by the coating method similar to lacquer-paint material coating, with a special zinc mixture, which contains the active zinc with the high chemical purity, polymeric binders and volatile agents. At the same time, we should understand that the presence of zinc powder in organic lacquer with solvent still does not make this mixture “cold galvanizing”. В чем же отличие? Во-первых, состав должен применяться как самостоятельное покрытие (иначе это уже не цинкование, а система покрытий), во-вторых, он должен обладать протекторным действием, которым обладают остальные методы цинкования.


First, mixture should be used as a self-sufficient coating (otherwise this is not galvanizing, but the system of coatings); second, it must have protective power as the remaining methods of galvanizing.

Zinc coatings, regardless of the method of their application have a protective effect only until they are able to actively dissolve under the influence of external corrosion. If the zinc loses the ability to actively dissolve his cathode protective effect reduces until the complete disappearance! The ability of polymer film when curing certain types of binders to block the dissolution of zinc, makes it impossible to perform corrosion protection in such coatings (in particular: polyurethane, epoxy, acrylic).


The vast majority of zinc-rich materials presented on Russian market are used as a ground in the coating systems "ground-finish" or “ground-intermediate layer-finish”, such coatings do not posses protective power, therefore they are not cold galvanizing and only perform barrier functions

Scientific and production Center for anti-corrosion protection has developed, patented and produces the mixture «GALVANOL®». Based on it , zinc coating has protective effect, which is the same as the other galvanizing methods, and could be used as self-sufficient coating, it does not require overlap finishing layers.

Coating based on the mixture «GALVANOL®» is a thin-film zinc coating, which effectively protects farrow metals from the corrosion, with high protective characteristics, high adhesion to metal surfaces.

Mixture for cold galvanizing «GALVANOL®» designed for anti-corrosive protection of the exterior and interior surfaces of the industrial equipment and metal constructions.

Coating based on mixture «GALVANOL®» delivers both active (cathode) and passive (barrier) protection from the corrosion.

Mixture for cold galvanizing «GALVANOL®» can be applied in the areas such as industrial and civil construction, transportation construction, oil and gas sector, energy, railways and underground objects, ports and hydro-technical ares, auto-transport.

In 2010, the testings were performed, in which accelerated corrosion-electrochemical methods were, as a result of which the Central Research Institute of Corrosion and certification (CNIIKS) issued certificate No.159/67-3 as of 01.12.10 , stated that in aqueous salt environment, fresh and sea water, zinc-rich special mixture «GALVANOL®» effectively protects steel against corrosion not less and even more than applying hot galvanizing method.

In 2012, in test laboratory JSC NPO “Lacquer-Paint Coating” were tested covers with notch based on mixture «GALVANOL®» for resistance to salt fog. Samples with a thickness of coating from 70 to 130 microns stood in the Chamber for more than 1000 hours. In the same laboratory in 2012, were tested to GOST 9.401 method 6 (Uhl1).


Reliably delivers long-lasting tread (cathodic) protection of the ferrous metals, ease of use (applied by any method for applying lacquer-paint coatings: brush, roller, spray, etc.), quick drying (30 min), deposition at negative temperatures ( -35° c) and high humidity, maintainability, long service life of the coating. Composition is a single-component.

All you need is to prepare the surface, carefully stir with a mixer and apply in any convenient way!


Unfortunately, availability on the market of low-quality materials, containing zinc and erroneously called "cold" galvanizing, discredits the idea of such a method of anti-corrosive protection using special protective compositions. In the same way its negative role plays the presence of counterfeit products on the market. Consumers simply don't believe that such protection is possible!