Corrosion protection

of bridge piers and slabs

Protective mixture for cold galvanizing «GALVANOL©» is widely used in the erection of the bridge piers and slabs. In this case it is used as a zinc-rich protective ground for further coating with any decorative paint.

As an outcome the usage age of this double coating system in terms of the protective characteristics is not less, and often is vastly superior in comparison with the surfaces, galvanized using the method of hot galvanizing of the metals.

Moreover, the usage of the mixture for cold galvanizing «GALVANOL©» in the construction of the bridge piers and slabs in major cases is the only possible method, which could be used for the long-term anti-corrosive protection, because of the fact that not every load bearing element of the bridge construction could be galvanized using hot galvanizing method due to the large size.